Friday, January 10, 2014

Insert insane Sims 3 store content conjecture here.

It's that time again-when the Sim gurus start posting vague, incomprehensible and often false (I'm looking at you , "canoes") clues to the next store item, on Twitter and Facebook. This sends the Sims 3 forum into a frenzy of often bizarre guesses, including a few that always, always center around the same idea.
This most recent 'clue' looks a lot like a stained glass window, but really who knows? Until EA sees fit to release it, I'm going to stay away from conjecture. As soon as it comes out though, a review is on. :)

Now onto the good part. One of my many lofty, life-enriching goals is to complete as many of the Sims 3 badges as possible before the Sims 4 comes out. I say 'as many as possible' because some just don't work and others are really very specific (Like the ones based, for some reason, on Twilight. Why, EA?) I'm also not thrilled on anything involving a magician, because I hate magicians.

So I do plan on making a Let's Play series of my Simself (or my SimSpouse as his athletic skill is currently maxed) getting all the IP badges that involve actual game play. The ones about running a 0 or 5 star resort for 7 days would probably be pretty boring, so those I can just set up and let run, I hope! So watch this space. If it goes well, I'll try some of the other themed badge groups.

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