Monday, December 30, 2013

A very brief Let's Play/test run of the Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts venue

Decided to give my new video software a quick whirl and run around the dance studio with my sim tonight. Yes, I know you can hear my phone go off at one point. :D
Post #1! In light of my new adventures into the wide world of coding (Ruby, so far), it seemed a good idea to set up a place to throw it all and organize my thoughts.

I'm also hoping to post up some of my Let's Plays and/or reviews at some point, since I do a fair bit of beta testing and a lot of gaming! I mostly play MMOs and Sim games, with a bit of strategy thrown in.

I have this week off from my (admittedly boring and therefore mostly unmentioned) job, so--no time like the present. I have much in the way of 'homework' from my mentor-type friend, so I need to get to grips with Git and a little bit more of Ruby ASAP. I'm currently working the codeacademy tutorial for Ruby, am reading on book (Eloquent Ruby) and have a book on the way (The Well-Grounded Rubyist). I'm not sure entirely where this will lead me (possibly a developer bootcamp, possibly to the looney bin) but so far it is pretty fun, if sometimes frustrating. Here we go!