Friday, January 10, 2014

Insert insane Sims 3 store content conjecture here.

It's that time again-when the Sim gurus start posting vague, incomprehensible and often false (I'm looking at you , "canoes") clues to the next store item, on Twitter and Facebook. This sends the Sims 3 forum into a frenzy of often bizarre guesses, including a few that always, always center around the same idea.
This most recent 'clue' looks a lot like a stained glass window, but really who knows? Until EA sees fit to release it, I'm going to stay away from conjecture. As soon as it comes out though, a review is on. :)

Now onto the good part. One of my many lofty, life-enriching goals is to complete as many of the Sims 3 badges as possible before the Sims 4 comes out. I say 'as many as possible' because some just don't work and others are really very specific (Like the ones based, for some reason, on Twilight. Why, EA?) I'm also not thrilled on anything involving a magician, because I hate magicians.

So I do plan on making a Let's Play series of my Simself (or my SimSpouse as his athletic skill is currently maxed) getting all the IP badges that involve actual game play. The ones about running a 0 or 5 star resort for 7 days would probably be pretty boring, so those I can just set up and let run, I hope! So watch this space. If it goes well, I'll try some of the other themed badge groups.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sometimes you just want the throw your computer out the window and forget learning anything. Seriously. Thankfully, today is not one of those days, but yesterday was and so was the day before. I'm actually doing really well with this tutorial, but the sheer amount of ways you can do things vs. the way you should is a little daunting. Not to mention there was a change at some point (I admit, I have no idea) and now the old way of Ruby-ing is now, well, old. So I spent some time learning about 'hash rockets' (which sounds like they should be something expensive you buy in Amsterdam), only to be told that No, that's ye olde way and now here's the new way. Just, bleh. At least now I am making relatively few mistakes as long as I go slowly and try to remember which bracket I need to use. So many brackets. Bracket-tastic.

I have to come up with something to post (is that the right word?) on Git and I do have any idea, but I'm not sure how much of it will even make sense yet. Git is strangely intimidating to me, possibly because it's full of people who know what they are doing, and I don't!

I suppose I really should tweet that there's a new post, shouldn't I? 

Sims related post coming soon, once I have some time! I promise. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


I just needed to share that I am 52% done on the Ruby tutorial. Which is probably equal to being 1% to learning all I need to know. However I feel pretty good about this! Currently I'm struggling with the 'Hashes and Symbols' section and they have dropped the whole idea of '.push' on us. Ruby tutorials require psychic powers, to learn what they never mentioned, but are now asking us to remember. So, if I don't make it as a developer, I could have a career as a coding psychic.This probably doesn't exist, but I guarantee here will be a USA show about it in the next 5 years. A coding psychic who solves computer crimes that the police cannot, despite his or her personality disorder/criminal past/meddling in-laws. But I digress...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's not that I'm not glad that Code Academy exists, but the bugs and weird things that occasionally happen are really not helping me. This is becoming a bit of a struggle to even learn the simplest thing, when the page doesn't work, or what is clearly correct (and I've checked on the forums is correct, and sometimes even c/p the correct code), will not work.Just give me the damn badge, CodeAcademy! (I'm not giving up, just feeling frustrated. The CSS tutorial was much like this.)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Ruby, more Sims!

Bit of a long couple of days involving a sick SO, work, bad weather and crazy dogs. Finally I am settled in with The Well-Grounded Rubyist for the night. I haven't done all the 'homework'  I needed to do, but I feel a little unequal to it, until I get these loops and things mastered. I have an idea for a little coding project though, so I will work on that tomorrow! I actually have a number of things to work on--figuring out Git (command line style, not the apparently cheater GUI style), this Ruby interpreter, and continuing the CodeAcademy tutorial. I hope that soon I will get somewhere and this blog will become more interesting. :D

In actually accomplishing things news, I did manage to finish my CAS review video for the new Sims clothing set, Homecoming.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

  I have sworn to work on my coding skillz at least an hour a day, so here I am, keeping myself honest, while keeping up the writing habit! Multitasking, folks. At the moment, I am struggling a bit with Ruby loops. I get what they do, but I'm having a bit of a time with the syntax. So, I am going over the codeacademy parts until I get it.
  This is kind of frustrating, but it's just not clicking in right. Oh, well. It is a whole other language, so I can't expect it to be easy. So far loop syntax reminds me a tiny bit of the subjunctive. :D
  In Sims news, if we get another venue tomorrow (Which I hope we don't, actually. Too many venues as of late.), I should have enough SPs to get it and do a little review. However, I have no insider information on this, so for all I know, the Sims 3 folks are still on vacation, and I really hope they are enjoying it!

Monday, December 30, 2013

A very brief Let's Play/test run of the Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts venue

Decided to give my new video software a quick whirl and run around the dance studio with my sim tonight. Yes, I know you can hear my phone go off at one point. :D