Wednesday, January 1, 2014

  I have sworn to work on my coding skillz at least an hour a day, so here I am, keeping myself honest, while keeping up the writing habit! Multitasking, folks. At the moment, I am struggling a bit with Ruby loops. I get what they do, but I'm having a bit of a time with the syntax. So, I am going over the codeacademy parts until I get it.
  This is kind of frustrating, but it's just not clicking in right. Oh, well. It is a whole other language, so I can't expect it to be easy. So far loop syntax reminds me a tiny bit of the subjunctive. :D
  In Sims news, if we get another venue tomorrow (Which I hope we don't, actually. Too many venues as of late.), I should have enough SPs to get it and do a little review. However, I have no insider information on this, so for all I know, the Sims 3 folks are still on vacation, and I really hope they are enjoying it!

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